With election day 2018 more than a year away, a Houston-area energy attorney appears to be the first to throw his hat in the ring as a primary challenger to fellow Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Once a supporter of Cruz, Stefano de Stefano says the senator has “nothing” to show for his time in Congress. Citing Cruz’s “ineffective” health care amendment proposal and his shift away from supporting Texas’ oil industry to out-of-state coal and ethanol interests, de Stefano says a “Texas first” approach is what’s needed in Washington.

De Stefano says legislation, like tax reform, won’t be passed without a willingness to work across the aisle in Congress, something that he says runs counter to Cruz’s “extremist” style.


Written by Louise Rodriguez.

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  • Patty July 25, 2017 at 8:04 am

    I think Mr. Stefano is trying to deceive Texans. I also believe Mr. Stefano is very interested in amnesty is providing cheap labor to business folks. You see, Ted Cruz single handedly prevented the “Gang of 8” bill. Ted Cruz prevented and Iranian terrorist from entering the United States and 100% support from his fellow senators. Cruz raised awareness of the disaster of Obamacare that led to first the House, then the Senate to achieve Republican majorities. I suggest Mr. Stefano be honest with the folks in Texas and tell them what he is real after, particularly when he gives so much credit to the RINO, John Cornyn.