When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, it flattened places like Rockport and Portland. But the massive damage in Houston and the Golden Triangle area came from flooding that occurred after Harvey had been downgraded from a hurricane-force storm.

Texas Standard’s Michael Marks has been traveling across Harvey-hit parts of southeast Texas, He says the amount of damage still visible depends on where you are.

“If you got dropped in there and someone told you a hurricane came through here not a week ago, you wouldn’t believe it,” Marks says. “But…further down the road, it’s complete devastation – folks mucking out their houses, pulling all of the things they own and putting them onto the front lawn.”

Marks says that in Beaumont, where water service was cut off during the flooding, residents now have running water, but a boil notice remains in effect. He says water infrastructure in the city was heavily damaged by the storm, and some pumping stations could be out of commission for some time.


Written by Shelly Brisbin.

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  • Deborah Russell September 8, 2017 at 10:02 am

    The opening comments about the making light of the winds of Harvey felt insensitive on 9-7-17 at 3 edition. Also, people need to understand that Copano Bay runs east to west with Rockport/Fulton/Copano Village at the east end. At the west end of Copano Bay is a little town of Bayside in Refugio County on the north side of the bay and on the south side of Copano Bay on the west end is a little island named Egery Island in Aransas County. I live on Egery Island 24/7/365 and was there during the Hurricane Harvey and spent over 6 hours in the eye wall. The winds, rain, and noises were absolutely horrific and devastating on the west end of the bay. Since I live in rural Aransas County, I feel like an orphan and will not get electricity until after the town of Bayside, which may be 3 more weeks. I have to tear down and rebuild. I have lived there for 22 years and have always felt like an orphan, but even more so now. Fortunately, Bayside community across Copano Bay bridge has been so kind to me, even though my own county, Aransas has continued to ignore me just like since day one living in the county. Please remember us in the city of Bayside (population 325) and on Egery Island. We are hurting BIG time. We are strong people, who need help. I listen to Texas Standard Time nearly every day until the hurricane. Thank you for remembering us on Copano Bay in the rural area.