100 Years: Voices Of Women Voters

The summer of 1919 brought about a sea change in American politics. On June 4 of that year, Congress took the monumental step of granting women the right to vote by passing the 19th Amendment. It next went to the states for ratification. Although women in Texas had been voting in primaries for a year before the historic 1919 vote, this June marks the 100th anniversary that opened the door for women to vote nationwide.

These are the stories of civic-minded Texas women who are changing our world today inspired by a fundamental right: the right to have one’s voice heard.

Producer/Reporter: Joy Diaz

Audio Production: Leah Scarpelli, Kristen Cabrera

Web Editor: Shelly Brisbin

Photography: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Lynda M. González, Gabriel C. Pérez, Molly Smith

Production Assistant: Brooke Reaves