It’s Back-To-School For Texas: What’s Next For Parents And Kids?

The 2021 school year will be challenging for parents and kids across the Lone Star State. Here at Texas Standard, we want to know how you’re thinking about those challenges – how to keep children safe from COVID-19 and be sure they receive the best education possible. We also know you may be unsure what lies ahead – how your school district, public health officials and political leaders plan to address the delta variant and vaccinations for children under 12, should they become available.

We want to hear from you about your concerns, your questions and what worries you, when it comes to going back to school. This will be partly a written survey and partly an audio recording. This form will prompt you with exactly what we need and how you can get it to us. It’s outfitted with a record button that (should) work with whatever device you have to record audio. Just make sure that you are in a quiet place — a closet or a room with carpet, perhaps.

If you face any trouble along the way, send an email to: