A Coalition of Unlikely Allies Is Protecting Local Ordinances

Calling themselves Local Control Texas, a group of unlikely allies is mobilizing to enlist small and large cities across Texas in the fight against Gov. Abbott’s call to overturn local ordinances on plastic bag bans, tree preservation and fracking.


By Brenda SalinasMarch 2, 2015 1:41 pm,

The Texas Standard spoke to Asher Price, a reporter at the Austin American Statesman who has been following the story.

Who are these unlikely allies?

“Some environmental groups in Central Texas and Republicans in other parts of the state, and they’re worried for one reason or another that the state shouldn’t be stepping on these local communities that passed these ordinances.”

What is it that drew your attention to this group?

“I was doing a story actually on a legislative proposal that would overturn plastic bag bans like the kind that we have in Austin. And [I] was talking to someone that, Texan campaign for the environment, one of the groups that’s involved in this coalition. And that’s how I learned about the local control, Texas effort.”

What impact do you think this is going to have on Texas culture?

“I think there’s this kind of interesting tension here between the state on one hand feeling like there’s federal overreach and then on the other hand, looking to these cities for, saying these cities are over-stepping their own bounds. So I think that’ll be kindof a rich tension it’ll play out this session.”


This story was prepared with assistance by Brenda Lau.