A Mother With A Broken Heart Reflects On The Joy Her Late Son Brought Her

This is the first Mother’s Day Maria del Rosario Esparza will spend without her son, Javier. He died in a car accident earlier this year after a drunk driver crashed into his car.

By Joy DiazMay 9, 2019 1:46 pm,

Maria del Rosario Esparza’s son Javier died in a car accident in February. She saw the aftermath of the accident when she was driving home with her daughter, and told her daughter at the time, without realizing Javi was the victim, “That looks terrible. I’m so sorry for whoever was there.”

Esparza says her son was driving across an intersection, and had the right of way, when a drunk driver plowed through it and crashed into his car.

“He was beloved by so many people. He was smart; many of his classmates told me they are in college because of him. He helped them,” Esparza says. “He was my son; he was the best, most precious treasure God gave me.”

Her son was attending St. Edward’s University to become a software engineer, and was also a talented classical guitar player.

This is the first year Esparza is celebrating Mother’s Day without him

“I feel like my heart was ripped in half,” Esparza says. “I still have my daughter – the other half. But I don’t think I’ll ever heal. I just think I’ll learn to live with this pain.”


Written by Caroline Covington.