A New Novel Tells The Story Of Two Orphans’ Search For ‘Demonio De Dos Dedos’

Austin-based author Elizabeth Crook’s “The Which Way Tree” is earning rave reviews from critics.

By Joy DiazFebruary 8, 2018 10:49 am,

Critics are calling “The Which Way Tree” by Austin-based author Elizabeth Crook, “exciting, suspenseful and pitch-perfect.” And it’s funny, too, says Clay Smith, editor of Austin-based Kirkus Reviews – which may seem odd, considering the subject matter.

“The Which Way Tree” is set in post-Civil War Texas, and tells the story of two orphaned children and an attack on another character by a mountain lion. The novel, Smith says, tells the story of the characters’ search for the deadly cat.

“One of the things to really admire about the novel is the voice,” Smith says. “And it’s told in first-person by Benjamin, this 14-year-old kid who is really uneducated, but ambitious.”

Benjamin and his sister hunt for the mountain lion they fear will kill them.

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