Adam Sandler Plays A Gambling-Addict Jeweler In ‘Uncut Gems’

Ten years in the making, “Uncut Gems” taps into the Safdie brothers’ childhood experiences in New York.

By Laura RiceDecember 20, 2019 1:24 pm,

The directing duo Josh and Benny Safdie are experts at creating adrenaline-fueled dramas. Their new movie, “Uncut Gems” follows New York Diamond District jeweler Howard Ratner – played by Adam Sandler – as he cuts deals to get out of debts caused by his gambling addiction.

“The seed of the idea came from our childhood,” Josh Safdie says. “There’s a bittersweet feeling to it because we have been trying to make this film for 10 years.”

The Safdie brothers say they felt very lucky to have worked with an actor as successful as Adam Sandler.

“He has an ability in all of his movies to make you root for his characters, no matter how absurd the scenarios are,” Josh Safdie says. “He’s the only person who could make all most of his movies, not only work, but be as successful as they were. They’re iconic in American culture.”

Benny Safdie, who got married in Austin to a Texan, says Austin’s film culture has become an integral part of the industry in recent years.

“Austin’s a big film city,” he says. “It’s amazing. As we’ve gone through the 10 years process of this, it’s become more and more important to film. it’s a pleasure to come down here.”


Written by Antonio Cueto.