Here are the latest AI developments you should know about

Google, Microsoft and OpenAI have all made announcements this month.

By Shelly BrisbinMay 23, 2024 2:54 pm,

These days, Big Tech is approaching artificial intelligence as a must-have feature, whether it’s part of your phone, your computer or the software you use online.

In May alone, announcements from Google, Microsoft and OpenAI have already kicked the competition up a notch, with Apple expected to weigh in next month.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga has his finger on the AI pulse and shared the latest developments with the Standard. 

Highlights from this segment:

– After actress Scarlett Johansson declined a request from OpenAI to voice its chat assistant, the company released a preview of the assistant that sounded a lot like her, with a tweet from CEO Sam Altman seemingly referencing the star’s role in the movie “Her.” The company pulled the voice after Johansson put out a statement saying she had not agreed to it, and she may be taking legal action.

– Google’s Gemini AI system will help users to search their photo libraries and to record videos to use as Google searches. The Project Astra AI assistant will allow users to use their phone cameras to do things like remember where they left their keys, “kind of recording all the time and understanding what it’s recording,” Gallaga said.

– Apple has continued to hang back while focusing on beefing up the processors across its products, likely to “work in tandem with whatever big AI thing they end up releasing that’s going to probably use a lot of computing processing, in addition to cloud computing,” Gallaga said.

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