An American With No Ties To Mexico Calls Himself A Mexican-American. Why?

The Whole Truth is – he’s not an immigrant – he’s just a brown American.

By Joy DiazJuly 17, 2018 2:11 pm,

A long time ago, when we thought about all the stories we wanted to tell on Texas Standard, we knew there would be some people whose stories would be too scandalous, too intimate, or too dangerous to be told out in the open.

That’s why we created a safe space called The Whole Truth. Think of it as a confession booth of sorts. What you are about to hear is a story that no one knows about. It’s a secret.

We met a man who wondered why some Americans are questioned about their identity, while others are not.

“I took this online survey once and it asked if [I was] of Hispanic or Latino origin,” he says. ”I clicked yes. The next question was said ‘do you feel more American, or do you feel more Latino?’ And I kind of got mad at that question… I can be both. I’m definitely American, but I’m also Tejano, I’m also Latino. I’m also thes many things that encompass the United States of America, I feel.”

People of European dissent, he says, can be Americans at the same time that they celebrate the country or culture their ancestors left. “I have a friend who is Norwegian-American. I think her grandmother is from Norway. I see her pictures on whatever Norwegian national holiday… But her Americanness is never questioned.”

“Someone using a hyphen before American – they’re not disloyal. Maybe that’s the point I’m trying to get across,” he says.

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Written by Haley Butler.