Animatronics Are So Passé. Screens With 3D And Holograms Are The New Theme Park Tech.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga explores how Walt Disney World, Universal Studies and others are trying to appeal to a new generation of visitors.

By Laura RiceAugust 22, 2019 2:15 pm,

The Texas Standard’s resident tech expert, Omar Gallaga, is also a dad who recently visited several theme parks with his kids this summer. He says a lot has change in terms of the technology used at parks these days.

“We did a lot of parks: we did Disney, we did Universal, we even did Legoland,” Gallaga says. “The thing that struck me about all three of them is just how many of the rides and attractions are moving toward these technologies that we talk about here all the time.”

He says 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality were common at the Orlando parks he visited.

“That stuff has really worked its way into the attractions,” Gallaga says. “I was struck by how many screens were put in front of us on these rides.”

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Written by Caroline Covington.