Here’s what Apple has planned for its new AI feature

And why Elon Musk said he would ban Apple devices at his companies.

By Sean Saldana & Alexandra HartJune 13, 2024 3:56 pm,

Earlier this week, tech giant Apple announced that it’s rolling out something called Apple Intelligence. It’s an artificial intelligence tool the company is planning to integrate into its devices.

The company says that it’ll start rolling out the new features this fall and, among other things, Apple Intelligence will help users draft messages, caption photos, and transcribe audio.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga has been following the latest and joined the Standard to break down some of the new tool’s features.

Highlights from this segment:

– Apple Intelligence follows other AI offerings from competing companies Google and Microsoft, and is slated to start releasing onto devices in the fall.

– Apple is promising that the tool will help Siri integrate more with the OS, giving it more screen awareness of what the user is doing to be able to offer help.

– Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized Apple Intelligence, alleging that the tool was a security risk. Musk also has had a lot of criticism for OpenAI, which the Apple tool will have some integration with, and which Musk is in competition with around AI technology.

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