Apple’s new augmented reality headset has impressed some but left many asking ‘who is this for?’

The Vision Pro’s $3,500 price tag raised eyebrows and the probability of Black and brown creators being excluded.

By Kristen CabreraJune 8, 2023 3:45 pm,

Apple announced this week that it’s getting into the VR headset game with its augmented reality headset, Vision Pro. The in-person demonstrations have tech reviewers impressed but asking “who is this for?”

Courtesy Apple

With an eyebrow-raising price of $3,500, tech expert Omar Gallaga wrote for Level that Vision Pro will initially leave Black and brown creators behind. He spoke with Texas Standard on why this is and what this new tech device has to offer.

Highlights from this segment:

– The big difference between augmented reality and virtual reality.

– What makes Apple’s Vision Pro stand out from similar headsets, good or bad.

– The shocking sticker price.

Listen to the full interview with Gallaga in the audio player above.

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