Are You Going to Open Carry in the New Year?

Some license holders say yes, but other tell us why they won’t be carrying openly.

By Audrey McGlinchyDecember 31, 2015 9:56 am, , , ,

This story originally aired on KUT.

At the stroke of midnight tonight, Texans will welcome 2016. They’ll also welcome a new state gun law: Open carry begins Friday, meaning that license holders will be able to openly carry their weapons.

But, will those license holders who already carry concealed handguns opt to start carrying openly instead? How will Texas police officers know if an individual is brandishing a firearm, or just legally openly carrying? And, what if a business doesn’t want firearms on its premises—can it ban open carry?

KUT’s Audrey McGlinchy spoke with some local license holders about why they will, or won’t openly carry under the new law.

Listen to the full interview in the audio player above. For more on what to expect when the law takes effect, read KUT’s full story on their site.