Around The State, People Find Ways To Keep Warm

The sounds of Texas.

By Rachel Osier LindleyFebruary 17, 2021 2:50 pm, ,

Many Texans spent the last several days facing power outages and freezing temperatures. We talked with several from across the state.

“It’s been like this since like Sunday at midnight. You can see your breath. It’s like 43 in the house. I slept in snow pants, a snow jacket… This is ridiculous. This happened back in 2011 and they haven’t, like fixed it.”

– Khaled Kanaan, Fort Bent County

“My family is doing pretty good, despite the cold weather. I think what’s challenging for us is that we have a four-year-old and then we have three-year-old twins. And just them being so little and having so much energy, they want to be outside and they want to be able to run and play.”

– Kristina Robles, Lubbock

“Power has been off and on steadily for the last 24 hours. We’ve been off more than we’ve been on. So I believe yesterday we had four hours of electricity… We are basically just rolled up in blankets on the sofa, obviously with no television. We’re just trying to stay a little busy on social media while we still have electricity on our phones and iPad. The one thing that is clear is that certain parts of the city of Dallas have been greatly affected while others have not been affected by so-called rolling blackouts.”

– Robin Teague, Dallas.

“It’s been worse than we expected. My husband lives here with me, and yesterday it was 54 degrees inside. The electricity came on again, I guess about 10:30. I immediately warmed up some water to make some tea, and held hands over the fire to try and warm up… What we’re doing is just bundling up, wearing as many clothes as possible.”

– Jane Sullivan, Dallas

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