Sanders Calls for Party Unity at Texas Delegation Breakfast

He’s throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton. Now he’s asking his delegates to do the same.

By Rhonda FanningJuly 27, 2016 4:39 pm

Tuesday morning, shouts broke out at the Texas delegation breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. What was supposed to be a show of party unity quickly was turned on its head by one delegate who condemned Hillary Clinton.

In another attempt at party unity for the Texas delegation, Sanders himself showed up at the breakfast Wednesday morning to urge support for Hillary Clinton, the new Democratic nominee.

“I wanna thank all of you for your fervent support and to tell you what we have accomplished in this campaign,” Sanders said.

Jacob Limon is a former Texas state director for the Sanders campaign and current Sanders delegate at the convention. He says he thinks Sanders got the message of unity across.

“You always feel better when you hear Bernie speak,” Limon says. “This convention’s been a process. When you have two groups that have been fighting each other for over a year, it’s a process to start unifying and coming together and cooperating to take on the real challenge in November.”

But Limon says the vast majority of Texas delegates who support Sanders are ready to throw their momentum behind Clinton, with Sanders’ guidance.

“There’s a passion and an energy in your typical Sanders delegate and supporter,” he says. “Yesterday was fantastic because we had a chance to vote for the senator. He came to Texas. He’s always called for respect and good treatment of the other side, and now he’s calling for us to support the nominee.”

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Post by Beth Cortez-Neavel.