‘Busier Than Ever’: SaulPaul Releases A Second Album During The Pandemic

The Austin-based hip hop artist brings more positive messages to kids with “Okay To Be Different.”

By Laura RiceMay 14, 2021 9:45 am, ,

SaulPaul normally travels the country making appearances at school assemblies and big concerts. He shares his story about how he changed his life and went from felon to straight-A college graduate. His life during the pandemic has looked different.

“Everything got shut down. All of my touring got canceled. And I was like, OK, wow, we’re here,” SaulPaul said. “But what ended up happening was I was actually busier during the pandemic than I was before the pandemic because the unique brand of entertainment and inspiration and empowerment that I provide translated well to the virtual platform.”

He’s also been busy recording and promoting new music. He released “Be The Change” last August. His new EP is called “Okay To Be Different.”

He says putting this album together was unique.

“Normally I just pick the 12 best songs that I had been performing the last two years and put those on an album,” SaulPaul said. “This time I recorded, I didn’t get that opportunity to be among the people. And so it didn’t go from external to studio it went from internal to studio.”

The World Premiere Of SaulPaul’s “Ace It” Music Video:

“Be The Change” reflected a lot of what he was seeing in the wake of the racial reckoning sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. This album, he says, takes the next step.

Okay To Be Different album cover

“Because I’m all about progression,” SaulPaul said. “People are now recognizing that there’s systemic racism and systemic injustice and these things aren’t fair and aren’t right. I’ve already been victim to, I’ve already overcome, and I’ve done it with a good attitude and I’m always passionate about that good attitude part. If you don’t control how you respond to it, then that poison, that negativity can get in you even when good is happening. So that’s why with this album I focused, I kept it short and simple… And the basic message is like to love yourself and love others.”

SaulPaul says he has focused his music on kids in part because they are open to these messages and to making changes for the better.

“This awakening is happening for the older folk, the young people have always been open and I recognize that they’ve always been impressionable. And when something is communicated to them, they have the wherewithal to process it and make a decision and then actually take action,” SaulPaul said.

SaulPaul’s new EP “Okay To Be Different” is out now.