Camila Alves McConaughey’s first book aims to revamp kids’ relationship with food

“Just Try One Bite” puts a humorous spin on the phrase often repeated at the dinner table.

By Laura RiceMarch 30, 2022 2:24 pm, , ,

Growing up in Brazil, Camila Alves McConaughey says she didn’t really have a problem eating most of her greens.

“You know, we have some pretty interesting things down there like cow tongue and chicken hearts. And so when my parents would say ‘eat your vegetables’ I’d be like, ‘I’m eating my vegetables but can I just not do the chicken hearts?’” Alves McConaughey told Texas Standard.

But as a mom, the model and entrepreneur says she’s definitely battled over mealtimes.

“I’ve seen it in my own household where if you do give kids the understanding, if you give them the knowledge in a fun way, they kind of – they feel empowered,” Alves McConaughey said, “and all of a sudden they start to make the better food choices without you really having to push it on them … and it may take a long time but it happens. I’ve seen it happen in my household with all three kids.”

Alves McConaughey co-authored “Just Try One Bite” with Adam Mansbach, known for The New York Times bestseller “Go the F**k to Sleep.” In the new book, the kids have the power, and are trying to teach their parents about healthy eating.

“It’s a way of, how do we have this conversation in a funny way. It rhymes; it’s got a little bit of a rap song to it,” Alves McConaughey said.

But while it’s about the benefits of eating healthier, Alves McConaughey says it’s not about being perfect or abstaining completely from sweets and treats.

“Creating this balanced, joyful relationship with food is extremely important,” Alves McConaughey said. “And we’re going to have a relationship with food for the rest of our lives so why not start early and joyful?”

Alves McConaughey says the book prompts conversations about food and more interest among young people about where food comes from and how it affects their bodies.

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