Camping, Golf, Tiki Bars: Military Bases Are Vacation Spots For Some Retirees

Ex-military personnel pay far less to use these facilities than they would at a commercial campsite or resort.

By Bobbie O'BrienApril 5, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

Military retirees can camp, golf, and fish at hundreds of military bases. It costs less than civilian resorts, making the bases popular vacation spots for thousands of former service members.

The waters of Tampa Bay lap at the marina boat ramp on the southern tip of the Tampa peninsula. Visitors can dock their boats at the slips, buy fresh and frozen bait, or spend a day on the water.

“Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards,” says employee Reggie Norman, listing the rental options at the marina building. “Usually the weekend is really the busiest day because the weather is getting nice.”

The picturesque spot might sound like an upscale Florida tourist resort. But the marina, beach, and waterside restaurant are at MacDill Air Force Base. There’s also a tiki bar, two golf courses, and close to 400 RV slots with water, electricity, and cable TV.

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