Can You Pick This Week’s Fake Headlines?

Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention to this week’s happenings around Texas.

By Becky FogelApril 15, 2016 11:38 am

Today’s edition of Two Texas Truths and a Lie features none other than David Brown, the host of the Texas Standard.

Can you pick the fake headlines?

Only hours after the head of the AMC theatre chain announced plans to permit texting in theaters as a way to attract millennials, the founder of the Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse –known taking a hard line against texting – issued an open letter bashing the idea but also accusing AMC of ageism. Chris Sevier has filed suit in Harris County complaining he was unconstitutionally denied a license to marry his 2011 MacBook. And: Fiesta San Antonio got underway this week, and city attorneys have filed a formal complaint with Six Flags Fiesta Texas, alleging misappropriation of official parade images and the term “Fiesta.”

An El Paso man who stands accused of robbing a Lower Valley Credit Union signed his terrifying note demanding money with a simple “thank you.” At an ice cream parlor in Lubbock, inspectors uncovered a frozen possum nestled between bins of ice cream. And: In Tivoli, Texas they’re putting a new spin on basketball with something called donkey basketball, where players ride donkeys.

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