Can You Tell Which Stories are True From Across the State?

How well do you know this week’s news?

By Becky Fogel & Beth Cortez-NeavelMarch 25, 2016 10:44 am

Beth Cortez-Neavel, digital team member and web editor for the Standard joins us for this edition of Two Texas Truths and a Lie.

Can you decide what’s true and what’s not? No Googling!

Down in South Texas, Hidalgo city partnered with an alleged drug trafficker to manage beer concessions at the annual Festival of Lights back in December. But no one seems to know how that happened. Next up: Police in Texarkana arrested and charged an investigative reporter for “remaining after being forbidden” in city hall. And: An El Paso judge has received the state’s second most severe sanction for keeping his divorce case in his own court for four months.

Did a number of San Antonio moms hold a nurse-in at a local radio station this week? Also: A demolition company destroyed the wrong building in Rowlett, Texas. Plus: The U.S. Census Bureau released new population estimates this week, and Texas made a big splash with tons of population growth.

Listen for the answers to this weekly quiz in the audio player above.