Class of 2020: A Time Like No Other

By Laura RiceMay 29, 2020 1:30 pm, , ,

Ellie Bunn missed out on a lot of milestones during her senior year because of COVID-19. Bunn, who graduates from Paschal High School in Fort Worth this month, first learned there would be a lockdown in the midst of her older sister giving birth. Bunn and her family were at the hospital when they learned her school would close. Now she and her other sisters are all in lockdown together.

“I was wondering, What’s going to happen with prom, and with Big Band Dance, which is something our jazz band does. It’s super-classy swing dancing.”

“We have six people in a two-bedroom apartment. … I did miss them all, so it’s really nice for us to spend this time together. Because we’re kind of at that age where we would never probably live together again.”

“These people will still be here when [the coronavirus] isn’t. I know people who are getting together after this and throwing mini-proms, or just having a lot of pool parties … once everything is clear and safe.”

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