Colombians Vote on Whether to Call Truce with Rebel Group

The implications on Texas could be drastic.

By Joy DiazSeptember 30, 2016 1:04 pm

Colombians head to the polls Sunday to decide what will happen after 52 years of war against the FARC rebel group. The Marxist guerrilla fighters have sowed resentment throughout the Colombian public by conducting a campaign of kidnapping and violence.

Nick Robins-Early of the Huffington Post reported on the implications of the choices Colombians face in this referendum. The challenges boil down to whether or not the Colombian public will accept a legitimization of the FARC.

“This agreement is very controversial because there’s a lot of things people might not like in it,” Robins says. “That includes bringing the group away from their rebel activity and making them a political party … If it is ‘No,’ there’s the likelihood that [Colombia] could return to war and it could return to open conflict.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– The complex choice Colombians face

– The shift this vote can cause on the drug trade

– The implications of a Yes or No vote on Texas

Post by George Economos.