Could Rick Perry Still Be in the Running for President?

This super PAC wants the former Governor of Texas to get back into the presidential race.

By Rhonda FanningNovember 27, 2015 11:09 am

Although the abuse of power case still hovers above former Gov. Rick Perry, he doesn’t seem to be racing to figure out what’s next for himself politically or personally. Some of his supporters say they have just the job for him: President of the United States. Perry resigned from the presidential race back in September, but now a new super PAC has formed to get the former Texas governor back into the republican race.

The chairperson of Perry’s former campaign, Ginger Howard, is leading this move to get him back in the candidacy. She says there’s no indication from Perry yet about his willingness to give it another go, but she thinks that will change.

“I know Governor Perry enough to know that he loves this country so much and he wants what is very best for it,” Howard says. “I believe if he sees that there’s the support out there, and that we can really show him that we can help him get all the way to the White House, I do believe that he would say ‘I wanna be on board with you.’”

The super PAC is going to do everything in their power to show Perry they’ve got the groundwork laid out for him, Howard says.

“We are asking him to get back on the horse,” she says. “We’ve saddled it and we’re ready for him to get back on it.”

However, the filing deadlines to get on the ballot for South Carolina and Alabama have already passed. Monday is the Tennessee deadline and next Thursday is the deadline for Louisiana. We’re also approaching the first cluster of primaries in March. Is it still possible for Perry to make it with those obstacles in the way? Howard says absolutely.

“Even though the ballot has closed for South Carolina and Alabama, you can do write-in campaigns there,” she says. “He has a huge support system in South Carolina.”

When Perry left the stage back in September, he was polling in the single digits and he was struggling to raise money to mount a successful campaign. Howard says she still believes money will come in one constituents see that Perry is still a viable candidate.

“Well, we still believe in miracles and we believe that Governor Perry has the leadership,” Howard says. “He was the governor of the twelfth-largest economy in the world. He knows where he stands on immigration – he’s very firm on that. He is a veteran, he cares about what our men and women who are putting on the uniform everyday are doing for this nation.”

Howard says that although they are not a super PAC with a million dollars, they believe strongly in Perry. They’re launching a new website, where people can donate.

“We believe that money will come when people see that we need a leader like Governor Perry,” Howard says. “We can show him that we can get him back in this race and take him all the way to the top.”