Cruz Faces Questions About Birth Certificate, Election Loans

The week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune.

By Emily DonahueJanuary 15, 2016 4:14 pm

Here now with a look back at the week in Texas politics is Ayan Mittra of the Texas Tribune.

The uneasy alliance, which Trump referred to as a “bromance,” between the two Republican frontrunners is no more after last night’s GOP debate.

“The tone has changed between them,” he says. “The pressure of the polls is really starting to weigh in.”

Trump has brought up the issue of Cruz’s birth on the campaign trail, bringing to light the fact that being born on U.S. soil could be a real issue.

“At the debate, Trump was like, just settle this once and for all,” he says. “Legally, there’s still some people who have some question marks about this.”

A New York Times story broke news of a loan that wasn’t disclosed properly on his Federal Election Commission paperwork during Cruz’s first Senate run.

“It may become more of an issue during the general [election] but it didn’t seem like any of his Republican opponents were bringing it up,” he says. “All the attention’s on him, right? With that comes all these kinds of stories and attention.”