Dallas Actress Moves Past Personal Drama By Becoming A Dramatist

Dallas actress Jessica Cavanagh has turned her experience raising a severely autistic child into a play. It sheds light on the dangers and violence some families deal with on a daily basis. And she hopes it gives hope to parents who feel shamed by their circumstance.

By Hady MawajdehMay 28, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

Parenthood is rewarding, but it’s also pretty difficult. And in rare cases, it can be dangerous for both parent and child. One actress whose son has severe autism has written a play that explores her experience, and it’s being workshopped at Theatre Three in Dallas.

The play ‘Self Injurious Behavior’ begins with the sounds of sirens blaring from a distance. Quickly those sirens become louder. From the audience’s perspective, it’s almost as though a first responder vehicle has approached the theater, but no one flinches. We’re all watching actor Jude Segrest as he covers his ears, closes his eyes and begins to scream.

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