Dallas Neighborhood Established By Freed Slaves Fights To Keep Its History Alive (Part 1)

In the early and mid-1900s, the neighborhood was a vibrant, self-sustaining community.

By Miguel PerezJanuary 9, 2020 10:00 am, ,

From KERA:


From Swiss Avenue to the West End, Dallas has many dutifully preserved historic districts. That status is meant to protect the look and feel of some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, but that hasn’t been the case for Tenth Street, a historically black neighborhood just south of downtown.

Despite its status as a historic district, the neighborhood’s history is fading. The National Trust for Historic Preservation even named Tenth Street one of the most endangered places in the country in 2019.

Empty lots dot the streets on the pie-shaped piece of land. Many homes are abandoned, boarded up and smeared in spray paint.

It’s been 60 years since Patricia Cox’s home has gotten any serious repairs.

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