Disability Rights Groups Want A Louder Voice In The Gun Debate

The groups want to learn how many disability-causing injuries result from gun violence.

By Ashley LopezMarch 8, 2018 9:30 am, , , , ,

From KUT:

A disability rights group in Texas sent out a survey last week, trying to figure out how many of its members became disabled due to gun violence. The group says it’s an effort to collect data that will help inform Texas lawmakers on how they legislate guns.

Bob Kafka is an organizer with ADAPT of Texas, a statewide disability rights group. He says when gun violence happens, particularly mass shootings, the public tends to have a pretty limited discussion about what happens to the victims.

“The media loves to focus on how many people died,” he says.

But, Kafka says, there isn’t any focus on what happens to the victims who were shot and survived.

“I’ve never seen where they follow the rehab of somebody,” he says.

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