Eddie Robinson Talks About His Own Path To Fatherhood

Houston Public Media’s “I See U” with Eddie Robinson focuses on racial equality and social justice.

By Laura Rice & Terri LangfordJune 18, 2021 12:43 pm, , , ,

Eddie Robinson, who has been the local “Morning Edition” host at Houston Public Media for seven years, has taken on a new role. He’s now executive producer and host of a new weekly talk show and podcast called “I See U.”

If that sounds like a wing in a hospital, Robinson says it’s on purpose. The show focuses on racial equality and social justice in a time of emergency.

“This is a passion project and it’s a labor of love. It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure,” Robinson said. “But it’s a very important show because it looks at having these uncomfortable conversations.”

On the show, Robinson talks to newsmakers, filmmakers, actors, musicians and community leaders.

“This show really gets at the heart of understanding who we are as individuals so that we can live better among ourselves as a community,” he said.

His upcoming Father’s Day show will discuss his own path to fatherhood as a gay man.

“I’m excited about this particular episode. You don’t hear this kind of story on a public media platform often, but the traditional concept of family is evolving and gay men are starting to create families of their own without a partner,” he said.

“I See U” airs Saturday at 1 p.m. on Houston Public Media. It’s available anytime as a podcast.

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