Embroidered Boots And A Reminder To Not Give Up On Love

Connie Robinson had given up on love at the age of 49, until she met a man who had one month to live.

By Joy DiazDecember 6, 2018 12:20 pm, ,

By the time Connie Robinson was 49 years old, she had pretty much given up on love – she had been married to a person she describes as “not the correct partner.” But one day, she decided to give love one more chance. On the website match.com, she found a man whose profile said he had one month to live, and she was intrigued.

“We were 150 miles from each other and we met in the middle,” Robinson says. “We met for a coffee after breakfast, then we had lunch, then we had more coffee, then we had dinner, then we had more coffee. … We had each fallen hard in love for each other.”

Robinson eventually married that man, named Tom.

“When we married, he wanted to be all westerned-up, so we went to a place and he said, ‘I never had boots that could fit me,’” she says.

After getting him a pair of boots that fit him perfectly, Robinson says the outfit was complete. 

“God, he was a good lookin’ man. It had to be a God thing for me to be so in love with a fat old white guy!” Robinson says. “He was from South Carolina and had an accent like molasses.”

One day, when Robinson and Tom were at a flea market near San Antonio, she says she spotted her own perfect pair of boots.

“There was a vendor that had all kinds of Mexican handmade boots, and there was a pair of embroidered boots that I really admired,” Robinson says. “Embroidered from the tip of the toe to the top of the shaft in all kinds of small flowers.”

Tom bought Robinson those boots – he knew his time was running short and he wanted to buy her something special.

“He said, ‘Well, I’m gonna get them for you now ’cause who knows where I’ll be at Christmas?'” Robinson says. “On Nov. 24th he passed.”

She says everyone deserves to be loved like that at least once in their lives.

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Written by Alvaro Céspedes.