Everyday People: Suzan Nyfeler

The Standard talks to city employees we see every day but we don’t often hear from.

By Swathi NarayananMay 12, 2016 9:47 am

When Suzan Nyfeler was in the seventh grade, she decided that she wanted to be a librarian. Today, she is the youth librarian for the Faulk Central Library. “Every job and everything that I have ever done has got me to where I am today,” Nyfeler says.

As part of her job, she gets to work with the public and welcome different people into the library everyday. “I try to learn how to say hello in different languages, and even in American Sign Language,” Nyfeler says.

A challenge of her job she says is that there are a limited number of librarians to help the many kids that need assistance. “Another challenge is to find things that teens like to do.”