Expansion Of Texas Medical Marijuana Laws Gaining Traction Among Lawmakers

Patients who benefit from the pain-relieving properties of cannabis, along with parents who say their kids’ autism symptoms are relieved by marijuana-based products, are gaining ground in their quest for legal access to the drug.

By Ryan PoppeApril 23, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

An effort to expand Texas’ medical marijuana law seems to be gaining traction among state agencies, lawmakers and possibly the governor. Advocates are pushing the state to authorize medicinal cannabis treatment for more medical conditions.

Bonnie Jensen’s 12-year old son Mika was born with autism.

The Houston-area mom says her son is homeschooled because of his outbursts when he feels stressed and anxious.

“We looked into the public school system when he was four years old, and we decided that he would benefit more from the type of environment we could offer him at home. And we also we felt like he would do better in full time behavioral therapy, so he did that for a few years until he aged out of it, which was at 10 years old,” Jensen says.

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