Explore Texas Rivers On A Paddling Trail

Texas Parks and Wildlife manages 73 river trails for paddling across the state.

By Casey CheekSeptember 25, 2018 2:22 pm,

Texas is famous for its parks, whose hiking trails make it possible to explore the state’s diverse geography.

But the Lone Star State has more than 200,000 miles of rivers, creeks and streams, too, some of which you can travel via the Texas Paddling Trail.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has developed a network of 73 trails that cover 592 miles of Texas rivers.

“Most of them are beginner friendly and family friendly. There’s not gonna be a lot of white water rafting, but there are riffles and some places where more experienced paddlers can have an exhilarating and exciting time too,” says Aubry Buzek, communications officer of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

This agency’ website has a comprehensive list of inland and coastline paddling trails. Many of these are located within state, county and city parks, so access is not as difficult as it might seem.

“It’s all been thought through so that anyone who wants to access a Texas river and wants to explore Texas rivers can easily do so and we have the resources available to make it as easy as possible,” Buzek says.

Buzek urges Texans to explore its rivers.

“Go out there to explore Texas, this is our home…Hiking and biking and outdoor activities are extremely fun but there’s something very special about experiencing a river.” Buzek says.