Facing Star Wars Overload, We Are

“Star Wars has this whole other experience attached to it that we don’t get with a Netflix show.”

By Hady MawajdehDecember 17, 2015 4:24 pm

You’d recognize its opening bars anywhere: the “Star Wars” franchise is premiering a new film this week and fans around the globe are filling into movie theaters to see the first of a planned three-movie sequel, “The Force Awakens.’

Noticeable enough, the hype and hysteria has been building for much longer. Fans have watched the trailer and bought tickets weeks ahead of time. Yet to some, the commercialism is getting close to overload.

Entertainment writer Germain Lussier has written about a possible Star Wars overload and why it scares him.

“It’s on oranges, it’s in toy stores, it’s everywhere,” he says. “But I think that was to be expected.”

According to Lussier, Disney invested $4 billion to resurrect the franchise, putting on the pressure for future success.

“We haven’t had a Star Wars movie in 10 years and we’re getting three in the next 18 months, I believe,” he says. “Eventually, I don’t know when, it’s just going to become less exciting, and that’s what I was worried about when it comes to ‘Star Wars’ overload.”

For a fan like Lussier, he says he’s more worried about the last movie that could potentially be made in the franchise – not episode 7, the film that’s hitting theaters today.

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