Families Fear For Their Loved Ones In ICE Lockup, As Guards Test Positive For COVID-19

At least three ICE employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at two different Houston-area immigrant detention centers. Health experts and advocates say it’s just a matter of time until this becomes a full-fledged outbreak in facilities known for their substandard health care.

By Elizabeth TrovallApril 3, 2020 9:30 am, , , , ,



From Houston Public Media:

At least three employees at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers in the Houston area have now tested positive for COVID-19.

They’re the first confirmed cases in Texas immigrant detention centers. The state holds more detained immigrants than any other state in the country, around 40% of the national detained population.

The COVID-19 cases come as doctors, advocates and lawmakers are urging for the rapid release of detainees to avoid a full-fledged outbreak, which would put thousands of lives at risk.

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The audio version of this story has been updated to reflect the fact that six detainees have tested positive for COVID-19 in other states.