Feeling Pestered By Apple Pay? Here’s What’s Behind Your iPhone’s Nagging

Apple wants iPhone and iPad users to make friends with its payment system, Apple Pay. To that end, the company has been sending alerts that ask you to enable the service by adding credit card information.

By Alain StephensApril 12, 2018 1:55 pm,

If you are among the world’s 700 million iPhone users, you may have noticed that your phone is constantly, aggressively reminding you to enable Apple Pay. But what exactly is it, and why does Apple so badly want its customers to set it up? And while we’re at it, if you were to choose a digital payment system, which one is right for you?

Digital savant Omar Gallaga of the Austin American-Statesman’s 512 Tech says Apple Pay is a way to pay for purchases by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch, in close proximity to a point-of-sale register that supports the service. You can also use the service to exchange money via text message with other Apple Pay users.

What you’ll learn in this segment:

– What kinds of places accept Apple Pay now

– How Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are different

– How to say “no” to Apple Pay