The Texas film ‘Fugitive Dreams’ explores the idea of home

“Fugitive Dreams” is now streaming. Director Jason Neulander says the story is also about survival, forgiveness and love.

By Laura RiceJanuary 26, 2024 12:50 pm,

A version of this story first aired on Oct. 28, 2020.

Jason Neulander is an Austin-based author and filmmaker. His movie “Fugitive Dreams” was filmed entirely in Texas with a Texas-based crew.

The film was based on a play Neulander was involved in, written by Caridad Svich. He says when he started thinking about making his first feature film, the story came back to mind.

“I realized that what was being told in this play was really a road movie for the stage and I could imagine it being adapted into an actual road movie,” Neulander says.

Two people stand in a field of red poppies.

Courtesy of “Fugitive Dreams”

The narrative is built around two drifters – Mary and John – who make their way through what Neulander calls, “the dreamscape of middle America.”

“The kind of films that get me excited in the independent cinema landscape are films that ask questions but don’t necessarily provide answers,” Neulander says. “I love when a film makes me feel and think for days or weeks or years after I’ve seen it.”

“Fugitive Dreams” was featured at the 2020 Austin Film Festival and is now available on several streaming platforms.

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