For Austin Filmmaker, Home Is Not A Location

The sounds of Texas.

By Laura RiceOctober 28, 2020 3:07 pm,

Jason Neulander lives in Austin. His first feature film, “Fugitive Dreams” is a narrative built around two drifters – Mary and John – who make their way through what calls, the dreamscape of middle America. It’s an adaptation from one of his favorite plays he directed for the stage.

The film was featured at this year’s virtual Austin Film Festival.

D14_John and Mary in poppy field (color)

Courtesy of “Fugitive Dreams”

“The kind of films that get me excited in independent cinema landscape are films that ask questions but don’t necessarily provide answers.”

John and Mary on boxcar 2

Courtesy of “Fugitive Dreams”

“I love when a film makes me feel and think, you know, for days or weeks or years after I’ve seen it that we’re not alone in our loneliness. You know, that that’s our shared experience right now.”

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