For Country Musician Jon Wolfe, His Boots Are Merely A Conversation Starter

The Austin-based artist released a live album and a five-song EP last year, and recently launched a tequila brand.

By Joy DiazMay 14, 2020 4:00 pm,

Jon Wolfe is a country singer and songwriter from Austin.

He says wearing boots can put you in a certain state of mind.

“There’s really kind of a deep connection that can get formed with the fit of the boot, the story behind the boot, and it definitely puts you in a different character,” he says.

One little secret of country music performers, he says, is that they’ll wear sneakers when they travel, and boots onstage. But Willie Nelson bucks that trend; he’s been known to wear sneakers onstage!

Wolfe has been touring for a decade, and released two albums last year: one live at Gruene Hall, in Gruene, Texas; the other, a five-song EP. Wolfe also has a new tequila brand, Juan Lobo Tequila.

“I’ve kind of bit of more than I can chew over the past couple years.”

Web story by Caroline Covington.


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