For Sarah Spellings, Boots And Glamor Can Go Together

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy DiazApril 8, 2021 7:09 am, ,

Sarah Spellings is fashion news Editor for Her family is from Texas, but they lived and worked in several countries around the world. That’s how Spellings ended up being born in the U.K., growing up in Bangkok.

“I went to an international school and they loved ceremonies…and one of them was International Day, where everyone came dressed like their native countries. [But] I didn’t have an American national dress. So, I wore a polo shirt and jeans.”

Sarah Spellings says she’s used boots as decor
Mari Uchida

“… it was my first experience with the idea that clothing could really speak for you and that clothing could tell something about where you were from.”

My most fashionable colleagues really wore clothes that toe the line between beautiful and ugly. I describe it as they dressed like they wanted to start their day, having already solved the puzzle. It was kind of that sculptural architectural fashion. So, at that time, I really wasn’t wearing my boots very often.”

“I have grown more confident in embracing my Texas-side and leading with that.”

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