Former Congressional Candidate Wants Texans To Reconsider Political Labels

“I’m not trying to take politics out of this. In fact, I’m trying to recognize that politics exist. It’s when the business community looks away and says, ‘I’m going to pretend it’s not there,’ that we get in trouble.”

By Laura RiceAugust 13, 2019 10:37 am

The name Joseph Kopser might sound familiar – especially if you live in the central part of Texas. Kopser very narrowly lost a 2018 Congressional race to Republican Chip Roy.

It looked like Kopser might have a bright future as a Democratic politician. But, at least for the near term, any political aspirations he may harbor appear to be going a different direction.

“When I was going around as someone who was an Army vet, businessman, as well as somebody who was trying to bring folks together – the fact that people were stuck up on my political label and not able to go past that, just was really frustrating,” Kopser says.

He’s just launched a movement/political action committee called USTomorrow he says is going to fix that fixation on party politics.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Why Kopser says getting buy-in from small businesses is key to his plan

– How he plans to measure what Texans actually want

– The next steps for his group