Four Tips For Taking The Best Bluebonnet Photos

Keep Grandma out of frame and aim to snap off some pictures during the “magic hour” – these and more tips for showcasing bluebonnets.

By Leah ScarpelliMarch 8, 2016 1:25 pm

Spring is in the air! So it’s time to grab the kids, the dogs, and take some photos with Texas’ very own jewel of spring – the bluebonnet. But there is more to taking a good bluebonnet photo then just a simple point-and-shoot.

Vernon Bryant, a photographer for the Dallas Morning News, has some tips to make your shots count. His first tip?

“You want to try to clean your picture up as best as possible,” he says. “Leave out the stuff that’s not necessary. Try to keep the subject in the picture, as well as flowers, only.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Tip 2: The best time of day to take bluebonnet photos

– Tip 3: Where the light should come from, based on the photographer and subject

– Tip 4: What to wear to make the bluebonnet photo pop