‘Fracking’ is Big Business in Texas – But Scotland Just Banned it

The process of getting oil and gas out of the ground doesn’t seem worth the climate risk to Scotland’s leaders.

By Laura RiceOctober 6, 2017 1:13 pm,

It’s no secret that fracking has revitalized –revitalized—revolutionized—the Texas oil and gas industry. But the process of injecting liquid into the ground to force out what’s underneath is hardly without its critics. Studies have linked the process with an increase in earthquakes. And there are other environmental concerns, from what do do with wastewater to what’s in that water anyway.  Proof francking is dangerous?  apparently there’s proof enough for Scotland which for all practical purposes appears to have just banned fracking. Scotland’s energy minister said allowing it would undermine efforts to cut emissions.

Glenn Campbell is a broadcaster with the BBC in Scotland. He joins us now from across the pond to help us understand the dynamics at play. Glenn, thanks so much for your time.