From Isolated Beaches To Great Tex-Mex, Get To Know 100 Things To Do In Texas Before You Die

Author E.R. Bills scoured the state for sights and sensations that he says every Texan should experience.

By Acacia CoronadoNovember 19, 2018 4:03 pm,

E.R. Bills is a Texas traveler In his travels, he’s seen and documented 100 wonders of the state he calls home.

“I have done everything but the experiences have been pretty spread out,” Bills says. “A lot of it is pretty fresh though. If you live in Texas, you know there is at least 1,000 things to do, and I could have written a tome, so it was very important to me to try to cover the entire geography of the state.”

Bills says that though much of the state was already familiar to him, writing this book exposed him to new experiences.

“One of the new things I discovered was the Padre Island National Seashore,” says Bills. “If you go down 30 or 40 miles you have a stretch of 10 miles of the beach to yourself. It is like you are wealthy and you can probably literally walk around nude all day and not see anything or anybody except maybe a turtle.”

He says because of the vastness of the state, there were challenges, especially what to cut and what to include. Bills says this was especially difficult when it came to the food section. So he did his best to narrow the possible entries down by category.

“The first thing that I addressed was Tex-Mex because we all eat it,” Bills says. “I mean in my opinion it defines who we are more than any other food source.”

Bills says he wanted to showcase what he calls a bucket list – experiences that readers must start young to complete.

“Get out there, see this stuff experience it,” Bills says.