From king cake beignets to ballpark nachos, Texas Monthly counts down the state’s best new restaurant dishes

With the pandemic challenging eateries across the state, the magazine took a different approach to presenting its annual list of the top Texas restaurants.

By Kristen Cabrera & Shelly BrisbinMarch 29, 2022 2:08 pm, ,

The pandemic has proved challenging for all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, which either closed or shifted to take-out and delivery offerings during lockdowns.

With the landscape for restaurants dramatically different during the past year, Texas Monthly decided to take a different approach to its annual Best New Restaurants survey. Pat Sharpe is food critic for Texas Monthly. She told Texas Standard that the magazine decided to forgo the usual top-10 list in favor of highlighting the best dishes offered by restaurants around the state.

Highlights from Texas Monthly’s roundup of best restaurant dishes:

Desserts: King cake beignet, The Dusty Biscuit (Fort Worth)

Cocktails: Slurping Bastard, Tiki Tatsu-Ya (Austin)

Small plates: Roasted beet salad, Bar Loretta (San Antonio)

Large plates: Peking duck, Duck N Bao (Houston)

Outdoor dining: Ballpark nachos, Desert Racer (Dallas)

Pet-friendly restaurants: The Friendly Spot, (San Antonio)

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