Funding The Armed Christian Resistance In Iraq

An American political action committee is donating money to arm Christians fighting against ISIS.

By Rhonda FanningMarch 2, 2015 2:25 pm

At least twenty Assyrian Christians are finding their way home and into safety after being held hostage for over a week by ISIS. The released hostages were part of a much larger group of over 200 Christians currently being held captive by the Islamic State. This incident reads similar to others in recent memory, where ISIS members have made a concerted and aggressive effort to target Christians. US foreign policy has remained selective in their operations and efforts against ISIS, but for some the recent attacks on Christians have been a call to arms. So much so, that one organization has gone about raising funds to get supplies to pro-Christian forces in Iraq.

The Texas Standard speaks with Jeff Gardner, director of communication for Restore Nineveh Now a project of the American Mesopotamian Organization, a political action committee representing Assyrian-Americans.