Give These Gifts A Second Chance This Holiday Season

Some tech gadgets might be worth revisiting as a stocking stuffers.

By Alain StephensDecember 8, 2016 1:12 pm,

As you peruse the shops for gifts, it is perhaps prudent to remember that for every new gadget that’s worth it, at least five others might be better off in a landfill. Anyone remember Web TV, the Sega Dreamcast, or Zune?

But here at the Texas Standard, we believe in second chances. Maybe some of the gizmos once deserving of a passing-over are now worth taking another look at for this holiday season.

Digital savant Omar Gallaga of the Austin American-Statesman’s 512 Tech made a list of these items and checked it twice.

“There’s some devices or gadgets or things in tech media that come out, and maybe they get lukewarm reviews or maybe there’s a bug that gets all the attention, so you kinda write it off and say ‘Oh, I’m not getting that,'” Gallaga says. “Then six months down the line they might have actually really improved it to where it becomes a viable thing.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Which video games deserves a second look

– Are drones back in style?

– Why you should take a chance on buying a hoverboard as a gift