‘Glee’s’ Jane Lynch is Staying Out of the Gay Marriage Fight

Texas Standard talked with actor, comedian and singer Jane Lynch about life after “Glee,” and why she’s on her soapbox about not being on a soapbox.

By Laura RiceMarch 6, 2015 9:08 am

Jane Lynch is probably best known as the tough-talking cheerleading coach on TV’s “Glee.” As that series winds into its final episode on March 20th, the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress is scouting new roles, including a  TV pilot for CBS called “Angel from Hell.”

“I loved doing that show and I think it’s been an important show – especially for kids and, for me, it was the role of a lifetime,” Lynch says. “I enjoyed it so much that I will never tire of answering questions about ‘Glee.'”

Lynch is openly gay and recently divorced. With Texas in the midst of a battle to overturn it’s gay marriage ban, Lynch says she’s staying out of the spotlight on the issue.

“I was hiding that like it was the greatest, darkest secret in the world and to think that I would be in a spotlight saying, ‘hey, kids, it’s okay to be gay,’ would have made me scream at the top of my lungs and run for the hills when I was younger,” Lynch says.

“I don’t send messages. I just live my life. I really don’t look at it that way. I think just living your life authentically, if that sends a message, that’s great but I have never purposely sent a message. I don’t think that ever works.”

The comedienne actress is touring the country with cabaret show “See Jane Sing,” between TV performances. “See Jane Sing” is happening on Friday in Austin, before continuing its national tour.

“It’s an hour of song with a little patter in between, so it’s more of a cabaret show in a big theatre. There’s some funny songs, some songs from ‘A Mighty Wind‘, some Broadways songs that are kind of re-imagined and some things, of course, you’ve probably never heard of.”

“When I did Laurie Bohner in ‘A Mighty Wind,’ I just loved that. I got to sing, I got to be pious, I got to be entitled and I got to believe that I was sexy. I thought, ‘oh, all of my skill sets are being used here.'”