Gun Policies Matter To Voters But Aren’t Top Priority

Gun safety groups and pro-gun rights groups are investing in 2020 Texas races, but the issue still isn’t as important to voters as health care.

By Michael MarksFebruary 25, 2020 5:55 pm

With a slew of mass shootings in Texas in the past few years alone, many in the state are concerned about guns and gun policy. The issue doesn’t top health care or economic inequality, but it’s increasingly important to voters, especially since the Texas Legislature has loosened restrictions on guns over the last few years.

Allie Morris is an Austin bureau reporter for The Dallas Morning News, and says there’s a growing conversation about gun control in Texas. Republicans are more willing, these days, to consider certain gun-control measures like background checks. Meanwhile, advocacy groups for gun safety are investing millions into Texas politics, while pro-gun rights groups are doing the same.

“I do think it’s going to come up as an issue,” Morris says. “I think what will really depend next [legislative] session is who gets elected in 2020 when voters are considering candidates.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What gun control policies are most popular to Texans

– Why advocacy groups are investing in Texas elections

– How candidates and legislators play a role in gun policies


Written by Samantha Carrizal.