Help Wanted: Sid Miller Looking for a Personal Driver

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By Alexandra HartJanuary 16, 2017 2:16 pm

Tensions remain high in Fort Worth about the city’s handling of a viral police video.

The Facebook Live video from early December shows a Fort Worth PD officer in a physical altercation with a black woman and her daughters.

The officer in question was placed on a 10-day suspension. But for many in the community, that’s not enough.

A community meeting late last week grew heated at times. And now, a state representative is suggesting the Department of Justice get involved.

Rep. Nicole Collier (D-Fort Worth) spoke to WFAA:

“I believe that there should have been more action taken, just for the simple fact that the policies of the Fort Worth Police Department were not followed,” she said.

“And if this person has been on the police force for such a long time, they should be able to follow the policies. So I’m not comfortable with it. I look forward to seeing what the community can do to rectify the situation and perhaps we can even have the Department of Justice investigation into this.”

Collier clarified that while she wasn’t personally calling for a federal investigation, it might be the “right track.”

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is looking for a personal driver.

The special assistant position requires “highly complex motor vehicle operations,” and pay is listed at about $35,000 annually.

According to KXAN news in Austin, the position is unique.

it appears no other statewide official has a designated a non-DPS civilian driver position.
But former Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower told the station that he doesn’t think the position is necessary.

“I can tell you that it is hard work to be commissioner of Agriculture,” Hightower said. “But it’s not such hard work that you need to be escorted around by a personal driver.”

The posting will remain open until Friday.

It was a heartbreaking night for Cowboys fans. The team fell 31 to 34 in a last-minute loss to the Green Bay Packers.

To add insult to injury, some in attendance were stuck at AT&T Stadium after the game. Severe weather, including two tornado warnings in the area, led to a shelter-in-place directive at the stadium.

Although thousands of homes lost power, no injuries related to the storms have been reported.