Here’s What Texas Was Like During the Dust Bowl

“They called it the Dirty Thirties. And it was.”

By Laura RiceNovember 25, 2016 9:30 am, ,

Robert Earl Rea lived through the Dust Bowl, a period of severe dust storms and drought. He says people literally shoveled dirt from around the doors of houses.

“It just never did rain, and the dirt would blow into the houses and the mothers would wet sheets and put it around the bed to keep us from having to breathe all that dirt,” Rea says.

Rea was born in 1930 near Bushland, Texas. He’s lived in the Panhandle all his life. He says the peak of the Dust Bowl was 1935-1937.

“They called it the Dirty Thirties,” Rea says. “And it was.”

Post by Sunny Sone.